Against animal cloning essay

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Against animal cloning essay

Vegetarians and vegans must develop a better answer to that age-old meat-eater question--but you kill plants don't you? Raising the plant question is, in my experience, a first line of defense for most omnivores. Now, most seasoned vegetarians have their standard point response about why it is better to eat plants than animals.

They offer points such as the following: This line of argumentation has its place, but it doesn't answer the question of whether or not it is OK to eat plants in the first place. It is because there is something to it. Consider the following justifications for eating plants made by vegans on the Vegan-L email discussion list.

Most of these arguments numbered below and followed by my response could just as easily have been made by someone trying to justify eating meat.

This is verbatim a meat eater's argument--"But what do vegans eat? I don't have time to cook all of my own meals, I could never get enough to eat without eating meat Just as Descartes managed to ignore the obvious when he said that animals were unfeeling machines, there is considerable evidence that plants are much more aware than we commonly believe.

Using a definition of pain that is based on possession of a nervous system deliberately and arbitrarily excludes plants. Yet plants are clearly aware of when they are being attacked because they mobilize chemical defenses.

Just as meat eaters try to deny the fact that animals feel pain, vegans try to deny the fact that plants feel something akin to pain--something that could be used to justify not killing them.

If we ever encounter aliens, the chances that they have a nervous system like ours is vanishingly small, but we would nonetheless assume that they feel what we would categorize as pain.

See the previous response--plants clearly do react; if pain is simply a warning tool, some sort of distress signal would still serve a purpose in plants. This doesn't apply to hunting wild animals who generally don't kill plants unlike cows who are fed dead soybeans.

And what about all of the plants and animals that are disrupted or killed by farming i. Although veganism probably does decrease plant suffering when compared to eating meat, this doesn't justify killing plants. The question is not whether we should be omnivores or vegans, but whether or not vegans should adopt a more plant-friendly diet.

Then just eat fruits. Eating potatoes and carrots doesn't spread seeds around and it kills the plant--how can this be justified? What about plants that try to avoid being eaten--ones that are poisonous, taste nasty, or make you infertile e.

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It's more like taking eggs from a chicken. Given that vegans don't eat eggs because they think it's wrong, this argument makes no sense. The same is not true of animals. Yes, fruits are intended to be eaten.

Some herbivores are also "intended to be eaten. If these carnivores did not eat the old and diseased prey animals, those prey animals would, in fact, "wither and die. Should we not then be fruitarians or gatherers because we can?

Or are we simply too lazy, just like most people are too lazy to be vegan. We usually don't find that an acceptable excuse! Of course laziness is certainly not the primary problem--people are constantly bombarded with the idea that they can, should, and must eat dead animals.

We must eat plants to survive--it is our instinct. This simply begs the question--meat-eaters justify eating animals by pointing out that humans are omnivores which we are--see e. Furthermore, humans manage to overcome all sorts of "instincts"--for example, we generally do not copulate in public.

Arguments that appeal to "nature" should be met with deep skepticism. Recall that slavery and the subjugation of women and countless indigenous cultures were and are considered a necessary part of the "natural order.

First, many people do abhor large-scale agriculture. Second, the fact that our culture is desensitized to violence, especially to something that's been going on for a long, long time is not an argument for anything.

Also, people don't want to face up to what they are really doing--just like how most people don't think about where their meat came from. The above responses show that vegans cannot come up with any truly compelling reasons as to why eating plants is justified in the context of animal rights.

Which leads us to the ultimate question Is that a justification for eating meat?

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Against animal cloning essay

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All things considered, everything on this list offered something of interest though there were as many misses as hits. - Future Prospects for Animal Cloning Peter Zeblisky ENC Causal essay words The advancements in the technologies and efficiencies of animal cloning have grown exponentially in the last decade.

Since the birth of Dolly in we have cloned nineteen other animals successfully.

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