Culture of entrepreneurship vs employment

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Culture of entrepreneurship vs employment

We talked about how entrepreneurship beats stable jobs in the previous post of this series. Even though the drive to become an entrepreneur is strong in them, the circumstances will make a lot of people pick regular day jobs, simply because the pay is guaranteed, unless your work at the office is really bad and you might get laid off.

There are other factors to why you might get laid off, but chances are, that salary is going to stay for a while.

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Entrepreneurship might not yield you the same amount of profits that you earned last year; it is never stable. So, entrepreneurs stress themselves to the core, both physically and mentally. You do your job and let other departments worry about the rest.

Yes, there is a lot of stress too; but is that comparable to the stress of an entrepreneur? He had cut off most relationships; friends, family and colleagues. Only the ones really close to him remained in his circle.

I even got him to talk to me because I hounded him for an interview for this very post. His relationships had all died; most of them, atleast. Imagine the scenario if he had picked a regular day job.

He would probably be out with his family that weekend, enjoyed regular coffee hang-outs with his friends, no matter how close they are, in the hopes of building a good professional network.

Culture of entrepreneurship vs employment

That initial, long period is a nightmare. They just do what they were assigned to do and let other people in the corporation worry about the rest. But, here, in the life of an entrepreneur, you take care of almost all aspects in your company.

Ranging from sweeping, designing, getting coffee for yourself, and your partnersmarketing, sales, etc. Then, I hung out with a couple of bloggers who used to blog since years. Their intentions behind their blogs were far different from mine; but I learned what I was supposed to do.

I learned so much during those weeks of spending time with them this included the ways of writing, discussing ideas, and how to brainstorm. In your startup, it would take a lot more. Lesser Risk — Entrepreneurship is prone to a lot of risk, unlike stable jobs.

Even the brightest marketing executive can only approximately predict when sales would reach its peak for a startup. So, this is a matter of the degree of risk when you compare employment and entrepreneurship. No capital investment — No stable job that most people hunt for requires a down payment of a certain amount.

If that was the case, most people would probably look into entrepreneurship instead. Some might find friends who are willing to invest without all the legal implications, or some might find investors; those are different cases.

But not all startups function that way. If they DO find that kind of money, then we just roll back to point 6. Social Credentials — Humans are social animals. In a culture of this kind, losing in business is not an option!

Culture of entrepreneurship vs employment

That cousin has a stable job at an MNC; what do failure entrepreneurs have? One of a kind, amazing, life changing experience? Because that is exactly what will gain you your social status!

So, go get that job at the IT company your aunt suggested. That is not the case with entrepreneurship.The Indus Foundation is a registered non-profit trust (No.

/10) under the Indian Trusts Act, The Foundation is dedicated to the promotion of higher education in India. What drives innovation and entrepreneurship in India, China, and the United States? Our data-rich and evidence-based exploration of relationships among innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth yields theoretical models of economic growth in the context of macroeconomic factors.

Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs.

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[need quotation to verify]Entrepreneurship has been described as the "capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit". Boyer Valley Seniors Jenna Simon and Grant Kenkel invite you to attend their pancake supper fundraiser!

Their senior community service project is partnered . Sep 14,  · Culture of Entrepreneurship versus Employment Melanie Banzuela-de Ocampo, PhD April Joan S. Bagano, MBE Ana Liza R. Tan, MBA Abstract This paper is part of the results of a larger graduate tracer study done for a large university.

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