Division classification essay friends

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Division classification essay friends

Friends are important to have because they are a fulcrum when things get tough in life, and are always there for love and support.

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However, these people have a strong attachment to us while the others have met only one or a few times. The way you treat someone which show level of relationship. The first type is called "acquaintance". It includes these people you know, sometimes get in touch and visit them when have a event.

May be you basically know their name or their number phone. All the attention are passive. You call them when you need something they have, they call you when need your help. The second type is called "compadre". They are colleagues, classmates, friends at club. You keep in contact with them regular, do many things together.

You would like to share about work, experience, social activities or simply talk nonsense with them everyday. Looks simple, but this is the most complicated relationships. You can work with them today, but you never know what they will do tomorrow. This is why I call them "compadre". The last type is called "familiar".

They are like a member of your family. They are sensitive to your feelings, they respect you and the other people in your life. You always want to share everything with them and they will be delighted about it. They always help when you are stuck and have good advice when it is really necessary for you.

People of this category are extremely low. In summary, we always meet people and classify them.

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There are three types of friends. The first type of friends is an acquaintance. The second is compadre. The last are best friend or familiar.NRA Explore - Discover the Possibilities.

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Three Types of Friends Essay examples. Words 4 Pages. Through my experiences I have come to realize that there are basically three types of friends a person can have. There are friends that I call “sometimes” friends, these people appear to be your friend but only when you are face to face with them, and when you are not around them.

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Division classification essay friends
Division Classification Essay Friends