Essay on brain drain problem in india

A Poignant Problem Brain Drain refers to the steady emigration of highly qualified and trained people from their country to an advanced one, in search of lucrative job opportunities and promising lifestyles. For a developing country like India, it poses a serious problem since the talents that could be employed in finding out feasible solutions of several glaring problems in the fields of science and technology, are unfortunately dedicated to the betterment of some other nation.

Essay on brain drain problem in india

Short Paragraph on Brain Drain and Its Causes - Important India

Health hazards attached to certain industries Conclusion The factors responsible for brain drain have clearly been identified. All that needs to be done is to control these in order to overcome the issue. Brain Drain Essay — 4 words Introduction Brain Drain, the process of talented individuals migrating from their home country to another in search of better job prospects and enhanced standard of living, is a growing problem these days.

It is a loss for the country of origin as they lose out on talent that impacts their economy negatively. A number of countries across the world see a major pool of talent moving out each year. Countries Suffering Brain Drain While the third world countries suffer majorly from the issue of brain drain, developed countries are not safe either.

Here is a look at the countries suffering major brain drain: The United Kingdom The United Kingdom that attracts numerous immigrants each year with its attractive pay packages and high standard of living also sees a major brain drain.

Several individuals with University degrees have left UK, their country of origin, to seek jobs in other parts of the world. India The education system of India is considered to be quite strong and one that produces extremely talented and highly intelligent youth who are in demand in every part of the world.

Indians get good packages outside along with better standard of living and thus leave their country.

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Greece Greece has also been included in the list of countries facing the brain drain problem lately. The debt crises explosion in led to a rapid increase in this issue. A majority of the people from Greece migrate to Germany each year.

Iran Iran is known for religious dictatorship and political oppression and this has led more than 4 million Iranians to migrate to other countries. Research suggests that around 15, university educated individuals leave Iran to get settled in other parts of the country each year.

Nigeria The civil war in Nigeria is one of the main reasons for Brain Drain in the country. A large number of Nigerians migrate to US each year in search of better job prospects and better standard of living.

China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico and Jamaica are among the other countries that suffer major brain drain. Impact on the Place of Origin Brain Drain is not only geographic, large number of talented individuals migrating from one organization to another or from one industry to another is also known as Brain Drain.

When a pool of highly talented and skilled individuals leaves their country, organization or industry and moves to another one in search of better prospects it is an obvious loss for their original place as the work at the later place suffers and so does its economic prosperity.

In case of geographic brain drain, the immigration of doctors and engineers also has a negative impact on the society as a whole.

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Conclusion The countries and organizations facing major brain drain problem should analyze the factors responsible for the same and work upon improving the conditions to avoid this issue. It will help boost their place of origin economically.

Brain Drain Essay — 5 words Introduction When a pool of learned and talented professionals especially doctors, engineers and those belonging to the financial sector leave their country of origin to seek better job opportunities in another country it is known as Brain Drain.

The problem is quite common in developing countries such as India. The mass exodus of employees from one company or industry to join the other is also counted as Brain Drain.

Essay about Brain Drain in India The concept of brain drain Free sample essay on The Problem of Brain Drain in India. India has spent a great amount of her income and wealth in creating scientific, technological and educational infrastructure. India for India Corporate Partnership Visit Ananthapuram Spread a word Resources Blog News Events Publication Testimonial Success Stories Image gallery Video Gallery Facebook. Follow Us on Twitter. Tweets by @VFF_USA. In Essay on brain drain problem in nepal Essay on brain drain problem in nepal. November 25,; Essay on brain drain. And how to support active and experiential learning by exploring form and spatial india in essay drain brain environments. Every assessment is a strong interest in science, technology, international journal of educational science in grade k -.

India Suffers Major Brain Drain Indians are making the country proud by excelling in different fields and securing highly paid jobs in different parts of the world. Indians have thus contributed majorly towards building U. If they had contributed even half as much in the development of India, the country would have been in a better shape currently.

India suffers a major Brain Drain as the employment opportunities available here are not at par with the quality of education provided. Some of the other factors include the unfair reservation system, huge taxes and low standard of living.

Ways to Control Brain Drain The geographic brain drain as well as that happening at organizational level is equally difficult to deal with. So why not avoid it in the first place.

Here are a few ways to overcome the problem of geographic as well as organizational brain drain: Do Away with the Quota System In countries such as India, the talented lot suffer at the hands of the quota system.

Many undeserving people from the reserved category secure highly paid jobs while the deserving candidates have to settle for lesser paying ones.

Essay on brain drain problem in india

It is but natural for such deserving individuals to seek job that is at par with their talent in a different country and shift base at the first opportunity they get. It is high time the government of India should do away with this biased quota system. Let Merit be the Sole Decider Apart from the quota system, people are also preferred based on their creed, race and other things that have nothing to do with their talent when it comes to giving jobs.

Many people have an inclination of giving jobs to those belonging to their own community or town. All this must be stopped and a person must get job based on his merit and ability. Fair Promotion Many bosses have a liking for certain employees and a dislike for others.

This causes dissatisfaction among the employees and they seek better opportunities outside.Brain Drain: Socio-Economic Impact on Indian Society Brain Drain: Socio-Economic Impact on Indian Society There are so many causes of the brain drain in India. First of all, there is the unemployment problem.

Even a talented person cannot get job. India is lacking in facilities for higher research work.

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Home / Society / Brain Drain in India: A Poignant Problem Brain Drain in India: A Poignant Problem Brain Drain refers to the steady emigration of highly qualified and trained people from their country to an advanced one, in search of lucrative job opportunities and promising lifestyles.

#Essay 1: भारत की प्रतिभा-पलायन समस्या पर निबन्ध | Essay on The Brain Drain Problem in India in Hindi! प्रतिभा किसी एक ही देश की परिरक्षित निधि नहीं है । प्रत्येक देश के.

Brain drain from India Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: Introduction India is one of the many developing nations that are facing brain drain challenge as its talented youths migrate to developed nations in search for greener pastures (Das, ). Short Paragraph on Brain Drain and Its Causes Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 17, By Nikhil Mehta Brain Drain: Brain Drain refers to the immigration of scientists, engineers, doctors and other technically qualified persons usually from an underdeveloped and undeveloped country to a more advanced or .

Essay on brain drain problem in india

The problem of Brain-drain should be tackled at national and international level on a broad-based and rational pattern, for it is a global issue. On the national level, a country like India, should ameliorate the working conditions of scientists and equip the laboratories with latest technology.

Essay on Brain Drain in India - Important India