How to prevent teen pregnancy essay

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How to prevent teen pregnancy essay

Teenagers, because of their innate curiosity and incomplete development in terms of cognitive, mental, psychosocial, and emotional capabilities, often forget the consequences of being pregnant at their tender state. While teenage pregnancy rates persist to increase even in countries like the Philippines, concrete preventive measures must be undertaken so as to protect the adolescents of today.

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Therefore, with the intention of preventing further teenage pregnancies in the Philippines, both teenagers and parents alike must work together to instil proper education, right guidance and appropriate programs for the betterment of all the Philippine youth.

The first solution is to implement the proper education at the right time. Children nowadays are exposed to plenty of sexual innuendoes that tinker with their powerful curiosities, not knowing that these are actually strongly inappropriate for their age. Maria Kaitesi states that if sex education is taught properly in schools, the youth will be informed about the concepts behind sex, about the rapid changes their bodies go through and how to suitably address them, thus helping them undergo a safe adolescent period away from sexual temptations.

Additionally, Douglas Kirby claims that comprehensive sex education programs do in fact work. Plenty of experts agree as well, saying that sex education is actually the remedy to the current teenage pregnancy trend Kaitesi, This is for the reason that education is the primary and most effective weapon children have against the issues or phenomena surrounding them.

The next solution is to practice better parenting. In a study conducted by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy lastteenagers themselves expressed that their parents are the most influential people to them when it came to issues and decisions about sex.

Parents must establish more effective parenting methods geared towards safe relationships through occasional explaining of sexual values to their children, knowing their acquaintances, proposing curfew, discouraging frequent and early dating, and many, many others.

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The behaviour of teenagers depend on how their parents rear them and raise them, so more effective prevention of teenage pregnancy actually springs from them.

The last solution would be to implement extra-curricular tasks for teenagers, so as to keep them occupied, and also to help develop their sense of independence and responsibility. Such extra-curricular activities may range from sports to simple community service.

Extra-curricular activities or after-school programs reduce risky behaviour by providing teens with safe settings and positive models NARAL Pro-Choice America, Supporting this is a statement from Jennifer Manlove and associateswhich states that the probability of teenagers having sex increases with the amount of their unsupervised hours.

These after-school programs will reduce the number of such unsupervised hours while at the same time inculcate good decision-making patterns and skills, encourage friendly bonds, and foster independence, dignity and responsibility which will all help in deviating a teenager from disadvantageous vices such as pre-marital sex.

Lastly, it was also said that teenage girls who were occupied with miscellaneous activities were more likely to delay sexual intercourse, less probable to become pregnant, and have fewer partners.

People say that educating children at a very early age actually develops their curiosity towards the idea of sexual intercourse instead of actually reducing it, because of the presence of mischievous and inquisitive characteristics of most children nowadays.

Well, this might be true, but if they are not educated at the earliest and most practical ways possible, then they will continue on not knowing that sex is actually a bad thing for people their age.

It would become more dangerous in the following stages of their lives if it is not controlled in the state wherein it is most vulnerable to change. Well, this is exactly what better parenting aims to prevent, not through suffocating parenting methods but through rational parenting methods that benefit not only the child but also the parents.

Better parenting does not simply refer to stricter rules and grounds but more open-minded decisions and balanced advantages. The fight against teenage pregnancy brought by pre-marital sex starts inside the home, school and the community.

How to prevent teen pregnancy essay

Unplanned teenage pregnancies may be stopped at the right time, with the right actions, if it is only given the necessary remedies.Conclusion On Teenage Pregnancy Essay Sample Teenage pregnancy essay conclusion.

Teen pregnancy is a pregnancy in female human-beings who are below the age of twenty years and being a teen parent it isn’t as great as it sounds.

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Teen pregnancy should be highly discouraged has it has effect on the teenage mother and the baby born. The teen prevention programs are used to provide information that causes pregnancy, contraceptives that can be used to help prevent earlier pregnancy and other diseases that can be avoided, while trying to influence the student’s positive behavior toward sexual behavior.

This is a sample essay that focuses on teenage pregnancy prevention tactics. Preventing teenage pregnancy. The primary prevention method that should be utilized to prevent teenage pregnancy is the use of condoms which can be promoted through the use of sexual education.3/5(24).

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Teen Pregnancy Teen pregnancy has dramatically decreased within the last decade because of the increased used of contraception. In , the National Center for Health statistics recorded 29 births for every 1, girls, which has decreased since when 62 births per 1, girls was recorded.

Aug 24,  · The teenage stage happens to be the most hectic stage of a person’s life wherein a lot of decisions are forced to be made and a lot of temptations are demanded to be fulfilled, such as pre-marital sex (among many others).

The fight against teenage pregnancy brought by pre-marital sex starts inside the home, school and the community.

How to prevent teen pregnancy has been a question for many years now. Statistics have been running wild trying to keep up with the teenage generation. Many people have their opinions on the subject (teen pregnancy), because teens seem to be getting pregnant all so fast these days.

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