How to write a-one liner

Comics make this process seem easy because of the wit they use in executing seemingly flawless jokes. However, the process of creating these flawless jokes and one-liners is not necessarily simple. The setup, punchline, wording, tag, timing and language utilized is essential to the overall success of the joke. When writing jokes, use real life experiences to relate to your target audience.

How to write a-one liner

In a nutshell, this is just different than writing jokes of a longer nature. Further, there are just a set amount of elements that you absolutely have to include for these quick kinds of jokes.

First of all, we have got to break down just what a basic one liner is comprised of. This will be a look at the structure of the one liner, which is very basic and straightforward, which only makes sense because you only have so few words with which to work.

In essence, the one liner comes down to the setup and then the punchline, thus making it very similar to basically every kind of joke format out there.

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The setup, as the name already implies, gets the mind of the listener set in a certain direction. This contradiction is the basis of the humor behind the one liner.

Here is an example of a very effective and, as a result, very funny one liner that illustrates the above components very successfully. We will give thanks to funny man Steve Martin for this example: However, Martin follows that setup with the punchline, which is the very pity, yet very effective, two-word finisher that gives the listener something utterly unexpected while also being self-deprecating.

Of course the one liner in and of itself can also be sophisticated somewhat by adding additional touches to it.

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These are for more advanced comedians and perhaps even more advanced comedic audiences because the danger in these additional touches is that they become a little bit too tricky to execute and to follow.

As a result, the comedian might lose the audience in the setup to his joke. One example of this advanced technique is the concept of reverse humor, where a setup leads the audience into thinking just one, possible construct or outcome, and then BANG!

The punchline totally contradicts this expectation. Another example of an advanced one liner technique is situation humor, where the humor relies on a good degree of dissonance between the presumptions concerning a scenario found in the setup and the surprise outcome found in the final punchline.

Being a successful comedy writer is something that takes a lot of time and practice to get right. Even seasoned comedy writers bomb from time to time, which is why joke writing is an art instead of a cold, hard science.This goes for longer bits as well, really, but with one-liners, the inspiration is really the only part.

So it's not even like "I have the funny part, now it's time to structure it as a joke." The structure IS the joke.

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So there it is.

how to write a-one liner

Follow these rules, and you can create a one-liner. Will it rise to the level of a Henny Youngman, a Jay Leno, an Ellen DeGeneres, a Bob Hope, a Richard Pryor, or a George Carlin? Probably not, but it's fun, it's creative, it's a good mental exercise, and--who knows?--you may discover that you have a talent for it.

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Fold over the other side about one inch starting at the top of the fold of the other side so that it is overlapping the other side. How to Write Stand-Up Comedy One-Liners That Hit HARD. One-Liners are effective tools for comedians that want to cut all the fat out of their material and get strait to the punch lines.

Learning how to write stand up comedy using one-liners will get you a lot of experience on stage very quickly.

how to write a-one liner
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