How to write a standard operating procedure

As implied above, the initiative and further procedure for the preparation, implementation and management of the documents is a procedure in itself which should be described. These SOPs should at least mention: It should be established and recorded who is responsible for the proper distribution of the documents, the filing and administration e. Finally, it should be indicated how frequently a valid SOP should be periodically evaluated usually 2 years and by whom.

How to write a standard operating procedure

What tasks do you need to do? Who needs to do them? What are the best ways to approach these tasks?

how to write a standard operating procedure

Working out how these questions can be answered is the first step toward systemizing your business. The creation of processes and workflows will define the way in which your day to day activities function. One popular approach to this is the creation of standard operating procedures. The simple definition provided by IBM for standard operating procedures is: But how do we create these SOPs?

What we need are standard operating procedures for creating standard operating procedures. Writing standard operating procedures: The international standard you probably use if you work in a large company is ISOor some variant of that.

A solopreneur might want something a little different, and as good as the ISO method is for documenting SOPs, it has limitations in regards to how actionable it is. This template is designed to adhere to the ISO If you export this template, it will be structured with a title at the top followed by the steps on the left as a contents page.

Then each section will be presented individually in full.

How to Write Standard Operating Procedures

The image below shows broadly how standard operating procedure documentation is presented. Two birds, one business process management system. Which format you choose to work with will be dependent on a number of factors.

There are three main approaches to take: Create a simple checklist You can write a simple checklist which outlines the different tasks involved and looks more like a to-do list than a report.

The advantage of this approach is that it offers a very quick option and allows people to create standard operating procedures as and when they perform new tasks — rapidly noting down the steps they took for future reference. This flexibility can aid startups who are trying new things on a regular basis.

The disadvantage of this approach is that the lack of detail results in difficulties when trying to analyze the process. If the detail is not recorded then optimization and improvement are harder to attain.

This checklist should record as much detail in the process as possible. You can consider whether a single task requires a sub-checklist of further tasks to spell it out. Including detail means you have more variables to iterate when you come to optimizing the process.

This approach is the one favored by us at Process Street. Our goal is to have processes so watertight that anyone could take over the task and be able to complete it. This was one of our methods for improving our customer support process. When we hired new members of staff, we gave them this checklist with detailed instructions and explanations and gave them level 1 support in their first week.

This system built optimization into the execution of the process.Standard Operating Procedure Heavy viewing material but worthwhile. A few reflections : It's unfortunate, but not at all shocking, that the people held responsible for criminal acts were all enlisted soldiers.

How to create a Standard Operating Procedure Template.

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By choosing to create a SOP template, you will be able to standardize your procedures, be able to get started quickly and you will also be in a position of providing fast and easy to comprehend answers to some common SOP questions or having a Standard Operating Procedure .

This is Part 6 in our series on writing Standard Operating you’ve missed the first five, sign up for the newsletter and the whole set of tutorials will be sent to you automatically. An important aspect of any quality system is to work according to clear-cut Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

An SOP is a policy and procedure document which describes the regular recurring activities appropriate to quality operations.

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If it is Critical To Quality (CTQ) then it is a candidate for a standard operating procedure. SOPs Version One Page i STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES FOR HEALTH INFORMATION Ministry of Health October, Looking for templates for your next SOP, procedure, or proposal writing project?

Download these high-quality MS Word, Excel and Visio templates.. MS Word – SOP Templates. Download these SOPs templates and get started on your next set of .

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