How to write a thank you letter to our troops

Posted on March 29, by Operation Gratitude Time and time again, when we hear back from the troops who receive our care packages, they tell us much the same thing — how wonderful it is to hear from children: Thank you very much for your kindness to the soldiers. It means so much to us. My favorites were the letters from the children.

How to write a thank you letter to our troops

How many times have you said these two simple, but wonderful words to the clients who have supported your business? Are they repeat clients? Do they continue to support your business when they're in need of your product or service?


Or, have you been so caught up in making money that you've forgotten to tell your clients thank you? If so, shame on you. It seems amazing, but it's true: Sending a simple thank-you note to a client who has just solicited your business for the first time can wield considerable power and influence, and reflect very favorably on your company for future purchases.

By sending a thank-you note, you show your clients common courtesy and respect. Unfortunately, in our information-overloaded, busy and often impolite world, we simply don't acknowledge each other's time, efforts and patronage. After all, they your client had to give up all or part of their day to learn about your business and the products or services you have to offer.

So few new business owners send thank-you notes that you automatically stand out if you do. It's shocking, but many new business owners fail to send thank-you notes particularily to new clients who are patronizing their business for the very first time.

But the bottom line is that you wind up in a position to shine above your competitors simply by putting forth the effort of sending a thank-you note.

It's strange, but true. A thank-you note gives you the virtual business owner an opportunity to speak to your client directly and even more important personally. Have you ever wished you'd more strongly emphasized a particular product or service your client seemed to be looking for?

A thank-you note gives you the chance to do just that. After using the first paragraph of your note to thank your client, you can use a brief second paragraph to touch upon key points of which are of interest to your client example: A thank-you note demonstrates your written communication skills.

In receiving and reading your thank-you note, your client will see firsthand how you handle yourself on paper. Clients also get to see firsthand that customer service is an important aspect of your business practices and that there are real people behind the scenes who understand the importance of building long-term relationships.

Writing thank-you notes isn't terribly difficult or time-consuming. If you'd like some ideas on how to write a thank you note, I recommend investing in the wonderful book titled: Then, be sure to follow through, preferably the same day a client patronizes your business.

It can have a much bigger impact than you might think -- perhaps even the difference between that client becoming a repeat customer or soliciting the products or services of your competitor. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

You May Also Like.Now is your chance to say thank you to our troops! The Bert Show is collecting letters of thanks so every single soldier stationed or deployed outside the United States can receive a letter of gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. “SDCCU is proud to show our troops support during the holiday season by saying a big thank you for all they sacrifice,” said SDCCU President and CEO Teresa Halleck Campbell.

“We encourage the entire community to stop by any SDCCU branch to write a thank you letter to show appreciation for the active military serving our country. Apr 26,  · Write a letter and get a response, help make things from home to send to them, or just volunteer by getting online and finding contact info of companies that can donate.

Thank you letters are necessary for creating friendly communication between employers and employees. If you are supervisor or manager in your company, it is a wise choice to show your appreciation for hard work and dedication. How To Write A Thank You Letter To Our Troops How to write a thank you letter to our troops 8 Hours W th Street zip tri report training workshop business credit information and reports.

how to write a thank you letter to our troops

Uppman supports the troops by having his elementary students write thank you letters to soldiers as a Memorial Day project.

The children write letters which Uppman then sends to a random soldier. He repeats the tradition every year.

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