Men should not be blamed for crimes by other men

Tweet A person with a white shirt on a white background stares into the camera with a neutral expression. As the Black Lives Matter movement has ramped up over the last few years, conversations about race and policing have reached a fever pitch. Rather, racism is entrenched into the justice system, and especially into the prison industrial complex. But even worse, the racism that shapes our justice system overall is also an outgrowth of racist ideas and myths perpetuated every day by politicians, media, and community leaders across the country.

Men should not be blamed for crimes by other men

We recently had to endure a shoddy and sloppy three-day government shutdown triggered by Congressional Democrats over this issue, which yielded them nothing; the GOP already agreed to fund their initiatives i.

Democrats learned that shutting down the government for illegal aliens is not popular. Not only that but the writer places doubt about the mental illness angle of this debate: If we want to stop the problem of mass shootings, we need to fix the problem of toxic masculinity.

Serious mental illness has been found to be conclusively present in a minority of mass shootings—only Studies have also found that those with serious mental illness are responsible for just 4 percent of the incidences of interpersonal violence and less than 1 percent of all gun-related homicides annually in the United States.

Generally speaking, people with mental illness are far more likely to be victims of firearm violence than commit it.

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Yet, while most mass shooters in the past 35 years have not been found to have a serious mental illness, nearly all of them do have one thing in common: Men own guns at triple the rate of women in the U.

Eighty-nine percent of murder-suicides are committed by men, and most often include an unwitting female partner or ex-partner. Murder suicides claim 1, American lives annually; nearly all of them are committed with a gun.

In fact, more than half of mass shootings 54 percent are actually domestic violence incidents. One notable exception is binge drinking, which men do at double the rate of women. Women are also up to 40 percent more likely than men to develop mental health conditions, according to a study by Oxford University.

The Oxford study found women were nearly 75 percent more likely than men to have depression and around 60 percent more likely to have an anxiety disorder, while men and women were found to suffer from schizophrenia in more or less equal numbers.

Given these numbers, if the propensity to commit gun violence and mass shootings were based largely on mental health or life events, then you would expect women to commit violent attacks at rates similar to, or higher than, men. And yet, women commit a very tiny fraction of these incidences.

Okay, so by now, all men are just murderers in waiting. Is that what we should glean from this? There are no solutions in this piece— just a rant about so-called toxic masculinity.

What the hell is this crap? In fact, more women are getting involved in shooting sports, gun ownershipand getting their concealed carry permits. Sincethe number of women obtaining concealed carry permits has spiked percent. Oh, and female participation in shooting sports has nearly percent over the past two years.

Alexis thought a microwave machine was keeping him awake, executed by three people whose voices he heard coming from the ceiling. They were sent to follow him as well. He eventually killed 12 people at the Navy Yard in D.

Men should not be blamed for crimes by other men

Left wing magazine Mother Jones did an analysis of shooters and mental health after the Aurora shooting committed by Holmes. They found that based on the past 62 mass shooting events, the perpetrators suffered from some form of mental issue.

We identified and analyzed 62 of them—25 in the last seven years alone. Nearly 80 percent of the perpetrators in these 62 cases obtained their weapons legally. Acute paranoia, delusions, and depression were rampant among them, with at least 36 of the killers committing suicide on or near the scene.

Seven others died in police shootouts they had little hope of surviving a. And according to additional research we completed recently, at least 38 of them displayed signs of possible mental health problems prior to the killings.

That data is now included in the interactive guide linked above. Yet, another issue with this piece is the data. Mass shootings are rare. FiveThirtyEight crunched the numbers in the process, threw cold water on much of myths peddled by the anti-gun Left.

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It also said that trying to curb gun violence by only focusing on mass shootings is a recipe for bad social policy. Two-thirds of the more than 33, gun deaths that take place in the U.( It’s not that Black men in general hate Black women. have secret sex with other men.

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Machiavelli by not renewing them, to secure men and gain them to himself with benefits." Part VIII Of Those Who Have Attained a Principality through Crimes. Machiavelli "Thus, a prince should have no other object, nor any other thought, nor take anything else as his art but that of war and its.

Men should be allowed to sign away parental rights without the consent of the woman during pregnancy. If she can choose to not be a mother, he should be able to choose to not be a father.

· 26 comments. The number of men in prison should be radically reduced says a British Academy team backed by former Lord Chief Justice writes Glen Poole. The number of male prisoners in the UK has nearly doubled in 20 years, but the majority should not be in prison according to a new report from experts at the.

Men should not be blamed for crimes by other men
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