Pre while post writing activities

Pre, While and Post-Listening Activities Pre-listening activities My favourite pre-listening activities are based on brainstorming.

Pre while post writing activities

Tom DeLay campaign finance trial Following petition drives by citizens and organizations asking that DeLay be removed from office [29] and official admonishments by the United States House Committee on Ethics[30] DeLay was charged in with money laundering and conspiracy charges related to illegal campaign finance activities aimed at helping Republican candidates for Texas state office in the elections.

A first grand jury rejected Earle's indictment attempt, but a second grand jury issued an indictment for one count of criminal conspiracy on September 28, On October 3, a third grand jury indicted DeLay for the more serious offense of money laundering.

On January 7,after pressure from fellow Republicans, he announced that he would not seek to return to the post.

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On June 9,he resigned from Congress. Judge Priest dismissed one count of the indictment alleging conspiracy to violate election law but allowed the other, more serious charges of money laundering and conspiracy to engage in money laundering to proceed.

He also refused to allow a change of venue from Travis Countywhich the defense argued could not be the site of an impartial trial, to Fort Bend Countyin which DeLay resided. The trial began on October 26,in Austin.

On the charge of money laundering, he was sentenced to five years in prison, but that was probated for 10 years, meaning DeLay would serve 10 years' probation.

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Dick DeGuerin is DeLay's defense attorney. Justice Melissa Goodwin, a Republican, wrote in the majority opinion that Rather than supporting an agreement to violate the election code, the evidence shows that the defendants were attempting to comply with the Election Code limitations on corporate contributions.

She was joined in the opinion by visiting Justice David Galtney, also a Republican. Woodfin Jones, a Democrat, dissented, writing, "I disagree with the majority's conclusion that there was legally insufficient evidence to support a jury finding that the corporate contributions at issue here were the proceeds of criminal activity.

He has three years from that date to file any lawsuits for wrongful action. On June 25,the U. This payment was the largest single entry on U. Family Network's donor list. The original source of the donation was not recorded. The now-dissolved law firm's former partners declined to comment due to "confidentiality requirements".

K Street Project DeLay's involvement with the lobbying industry included a pointed effort on the part of the Republican Party to parlay the Congressional majority into dominance of K Streetthe lobbying district of Washington, D. DeLay, Senator Rick Santorumand Grover Norquist launched a campaign in encouraging lobbying firms to retain only Republican officials in top positions.

pre while post writing activities

Firms that had Democrats in positions of authority, DeLay suggested, would not be granted the ear of majority party members. However, in AprilTime Magazine published a photo from a government-funded July trip to Israel, in which DeLay is seen smoking a Cuban cigar.

In Septemberthe U. Treasury Department 's enforcement of the law toughened it to forbid consumption smoking or purchase of Cuban cigars by U.Carroll County Schools wishes to meet the needs of all of its students and families.

If any member of your family needs assistance or has any questions regarding mobility impaired issues or handicapped access, please contact the principal of your local school. good exerciser for understanding the pre,while and post reading.

Pre, while and post-reading activities 1.

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These are the activities that you need to do before you start writing. They are important as they help you to plan your ideas well. Pre-writing activities help you identify the topic of interest and gets the thesis statement.

“Literacy is more than just learning to read,” says Mary Muhs, dean of the Rasmussen School of Education. “It also includes how children interpret and understand what is being read, as well as writing skills and composition.

Jun 02,  · Pre-/Post-listening and Pre-/Post reading comprehension activities – Before a reading and listening comprehension task teachers may want to involve learners in two types of activities in order to (a) facilitate comprehension and consequently learning; (b) to consolidate the material they have just processed during the .

You've given many excellent pre-listening activities. These are very similar to pre-reading activities we would do to activate or create background knowledge, teach vocabulary and stimulate interest in readers.

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