The destruction of the old regime essay

The book I now publish is not a history of the Revolution.

The destruction of the old regime essay

Tocqueville concludes with the unique nature of the French and their place in subsequent political systems.

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Tocqueville is quick to point out that the French Revolution was not in fact an attack on religion itself, but, in fact, a necessary to demolish every aspect of the old order. That the First Estate happened to be a religious designation was incidental.

The true aim was to sweep all remnants of a privileged and unequal society. What distinguishes the French Revolution from any previous ones, according to Tocqueville, is the transnational aspect of its philosophy that looked to bring equality to France first, and then the rest of the world.

Contrary to most expectations, France had fewer, and far less oppressive aspects of a feudal system than most of Europe, yet France grew to detest the feudal system more than any other European nation.

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Precisely because there were more independent actors, who now personally felt the effects of taxation, regulation, and irrational laws, did France become the first nation to crush its feudal origins.

Tocqueville is also quick to point out that much of the strength of the new, revolutionary government was derived from a process of political centralization that had developed under the royalists in the previous century.

This centralization went hand in hand with the rise in prestige, power, and influence of Paris. The provinces were steadily, and thoroughly, enervated.

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Additionally, as power shifted from the aristocracy to the Intendants, there were fewer pieces of society able to temper or counter the Revolution, leading to its extreme and comprehensive nature. By this time, the French aristocracy had completely lost its prestige and influence, allowing the philosophes and physicocrats to fill the void.

What seems characteristic of these thinkers is the focus on theoretical models with little attention to implications or pragmatics. What began as well-intentioned means were transformed by the new machinery of power.Below is an essay on "The French Revolution" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Short Essay: 10% For the short essay assignment, I want you to choose one aspect of the history of the French Revolution, and make your best case for why this aspect is significant and/or relevant today.

The destruction of the old regime essay

Such an argument can take countless forms, and I hope you’ll feel free to get creative. Iraq Revolution Essay The Hashemite dynasty in Iraq was overthrown in a bloody revolution in A group of disgruntled nationalistic army officers headed by General Abdul Karim Qassem and Colonel Abd al-Salam Arif copied the takeover of the Egyptian government by the Free Officers, led by .

Proposing the "total destruction of the traditions and values of the past", Mao elaborates further on this theme in the essay On Practice, The Khmer Rouge of Cambodia is said to have been a replica of the Maoist regime.

The Old Regime and the French Revolution at History The Enlightenment

According to the BBC, the Communist Party of Kampuchea (CPK). The Old Regime and the Revolution: Notes on the French Revolution and Napoleon by Alexis de Tocqueville.

the classic first published in , still the single most important source on the beginnings of the French Revoltion. Before the revolution the French people were divided into 3 groups: the 1st estate consisted of the clergy, the second estate of the nobility and the third estate of the.

France prior to had been ruled by the highest order of nobility.


The king and queen commanded the country from afar while the middle and lower classes agonized in pain at their excessive life of luxury.

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