Win loss analysis

You got the business -- who cares why? Maintaining a positive mindset is essential to being a successful seller, and probing into a recent failure is likely a one-way road to Depressionville. But win-loss reviews are incredibly important to perform -- in both cases. Understanding the reasons why a prospect became a customer, opted for the competition, or made no decision at all makes your sales process all the stronger for future bids.

Win loss analysis

The process typically entails conducting extensive telephone interviews with new clients or lost prospects.

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The goal is to glean as much useful and actionable information as possible, to synthesize it quickly and accurately, and to use it to facilitate continuous improvement across the organization. Growing Interest in Win Loss Analysis During the last 15 years, more and more companies that operate in sophisticated business to business market sectors have been initiating win loss sales analysis programs, either by conducting post-sales debriefs internally or by engaging outside market Win loss analysis firms like Anova Consulting Group.


Nevertheless, win loss analysis is a highly specialized brand of market research and fewer than 20 percent of all companies have implemented formal programs.

A win loss sales research and analysis program can help your company understand the perspectives and selection criteria of your prospects.

It also can help you understand how your sales approach and techniques were received and perceived, both in an absolute sense and compared to the efforts of your competitors. This is particularly important in markets where sales cycles are long and complex and where purchase decisions are often driven by subjective criteria that transcend pricing considerations.

Using the Results of Win Loss Research A win-loss project also can be used to re-engineer your product development, sales support and sales training functions. For instance, win loss analysis survey results and individual interview transcripts can be used as strategic tools to evaluate your products and services and to identify features that are of increasing importance to your prospective clients.

They can be used to identify the key messages that resonate with prospects and that frame your value proposition most competitively.

Win loss analysis

Finally, win loss sales analysis results, including raw interview transcripts, can be employed to identify common mistakes your company makes in sales situations and to provide guidance on how to avoid them.

In short, the independent and objective strategic intelligence you can derive from a well designed win loss sales program administered by Anova Consulting Group can be used to guide your future sales efforts, your product and service enhancements and how you implement new marketing, pricing and technology strategies.Win Loss Analysis Defined Win loss analysis is a forensic market research exercise that focuses on de-constructing how companies market and sell their products and services from the prospect’s perspective.

For win/loss analysis to work, organization personnel must be open-minded to the entire process and win/loss analysis must be done in a timely and objective manner. When it is done properly, companies will gain valuable insights and be able to implement initiatives that will help them increase revenue and grow their business.

Win-loss review analysis is one of the most difficult parts of the sales process. If you lost the deal, it feels like you're taking it upon yourself to rub your nose in your own defeat. If you won the deal, it's likely your sales team is at the bar tossing back a few drinks.

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Learn what the win loss analysis process is; why or why not to conduct win loss; and the many benefits of doing win loss.

Win loss analysis

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Members of the strategic and intelligence community know that Win/Loss analysis is also a competitive information goldmine – central to the process is a conversation in which respondents openly discuss why they selected one vendor over another.

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